Birding a paradise for bird enthusiasts

Whether you simply want to relax on the deck and be serenaded by a euphony of melodious bird calls or actively track down and identify a new addition to your life list – Tsowa is a treasure trove for enthusiastic birders.

According to the Roberts Bird guide there are over 450 species of birds which are known to occur in the area. From the large to the tiny, from the vibrant to the inconspicuous, by day time and into the night, the birdlife on and around Tsowa is magnificent. Sighting highlights can include the Schalow’s Turaco, Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Rock Pratincole, African Finfoot and a multitude of other species.


  • Over 450 species
  • Rock Pratincoles often seen nesting in the area