Cuisine food with thought

Sensibly led by our Group Executive Chef Carl Moller, for over a decade, our kitchens are constructed on his signature approach of responsible sourcing and fresh, fresh, fresh. Every meal needs to be a delight and respectful of our guests wanting to feel light and healthy and ready for the next culinary adventure in a few hour’s time.

Ethical eating and sustainable sourcing on the menu is his pride.

With his focus on sustainability, Carl’s food philosophy is closely aligned with the Isibindi brand. In our lodges’ remote and ecologically-significant locations, it is vital for social, economic and environmental factors to work symbiotically and interdependently. Carl believes that incorporating these principles into his food and choice of suppliers enhances sustainability from the ground up.

Carl sources many of his ingredients from ethical suppliers – like produce from 2 local Victoria Falls farms, mostly hydroponic, Kalahari desert salt and locally sourced bream and tilapia.

Along with his modern fusions and traditional favourites, guests can look forward to a few hyper-local dishes like Zambezi Bream with a lightly curried sauce, roasted butternut stuffed with Nyimo (jugo beans, tastes a bit like groundnuts), Beans simmered with Tomato and Olives on Sauté Spinach,Mushrooms and steamed vegetables. Peri Peri crocodile skewers are also a favourite on the menu.

Food of the future comes to life today

Carl’s approach to food is in line with what he believes to be the future of food – going back to ‘how things were’ before the modern era, with real, unadulterated ingredients and by eliminating damaging food production methods. We pride ourselves in offering fresh, healthy and satisfying cuisine.


  • Sustainability focussed
  • Modern fusions
  • Traditional favourites
  • Hyper-local dishes