Walking safaris follow the paths of giants

The ultimate in intimate bush experiences. Get closer to nature with our highly experienced big game walking safari guide, as you wander along ancient animal paths between Ilala Palms and giant Natal Mahogany trees and soak in breathtaking views over the Zambezi River. There is no better way to truly experience the bush.

Walking safaris are offered on the mainland in the Zambezi National Park which is considered a prime big game walking safari area. Your guide will keep you enthralled with his bush craft and abundant knowledge of the creatures, tracks and signs that you encounter along the way, all the while keeping your safety as paramount. There is so much to learn about the bush and being on foot encourages you to really tune in all your senses to fully appreciate all the sights and sounds. This activity is available for children 16 years and older and requires a modest level of fitness.


  • Immersive bush experience
  • Exciting encounters on foot
  • Highly knowledgeable guide
  • Utmost safety precautions