Island walks explore our island paradise

Feel like an explorer as you follow winding pathways through the secluded island bush and discover hidden treasures, like our centuries-old Baobab trees and a secret river that traverses the island, while a vibrant array of birdlife calls from the forest canopy.

Guided walks on the island are on offer daily and are a fantastic way to appreciate the true exclusivity of being on Tsowa Safari Island. The trail touches all corners of the island with so much to see and learn from your guide along the way. Rare ground lilies flower early in the year and huge Mangosteen and Jackalberry trees line the tranquil river where a breeding pair of Pel’s fishing owls reside. Other birding highlights can include the Schalow’s Turaco, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Rock Pratincole, African Finfoot and a multitude of other species. This activity is for children 12 years and older.


  • Huge ancient baobab trees
  • Rich and diverse birdlife
  • Complete exclusivity